Get Free and Discounted Items With Walgreens Rebates

Walgreens is a pharmacy and drugstore with locations all over the country. Every month they offer a rebate program that I’ve been taking advantage of for years. I have gotten free makeup, medicine, food, and more drugstore goods for free. In fact, quite often they pay me to take these items! You can pick up the Walgreens EasySaver Catalog at your local Walgreens or browse and print it online. The month’s rebates are often featured in the weekly ads as well.

It’s important that you buy the products that count towards the rebate. You need to make sure it’s the correct product, the right size, and the right price for the rebate. You also need to be aware of the limit on the rebate. Most of the products that are free after rebate are limit 1 per household. All of this information will be in the EasySaver catalog.

Whenever I can I combine coupons with the rebates. So let’s say that a certain brand and size of shampoo is free after rebate this month. I have a $1 coupon which I use and $1 is taken off my total bill. When I submit my rebate I get back the money I spent on the product NOT counting the coupon. So I got some free shampoo and they paid me $1 for taking it.

It is also smart to combine sales with the rebates. There are often a few deals that are not free after rebate for the month but they become so during a certain week during the month because they go on sale. This forum is a fantastic place to go where others lists the deals combing sales and coupons so you can get the best bang for your buck.

Every month’s rebate has a date that all items need to be purchased by and then another date where your rebate form needs to be postmarked by. You will find that information in each month’s EasySaver Catalog. When you are ready to submit your rebates for the month, you need to fill out the Total Earnings Sheet, usually located in the middle of the Catalog. You have to provide your receipts, circling your purchases and writing down the rebate offer number by the purchase price. You usually do not have to provide UPC’s – if you do the EasySaver Catalog will specify this. You will also need to fill out the Customer Information Form. Here you have the opportunity to get 10% back if you get your earnings back on a Walgreens gift card. This is smart thing to do because you can use this month’s earnings to purchase next month’s rebate items.

Recently, Walgreens has even started allowing customers to enter the receipts online making it super easy and saving you a stamp!

If you need further explanation on the Walgreens EasySaver Rebate Program, there is plenty of explanation on their site. You can also check your rebate status online.


4 Responses to “Get Free and Discounted Items With Walgreens Rebates”

  1. Deb on June 10th, 2009 8:07 am

    According to the Walgreens website, the Easy Saver Catalog program has been discontinued.

  2. Stacy Fisher on June 10th, 2009 9:59 am

    You are correct Deb. I’m so sad to see it go! Walgreen’s is supposed to be unveiling their new program new month and the article will be updated then.

  3. Deb on June 10th, 2009 8:42 pm

    Looking forward to checking back when it is updated – appreciate your tips!

  4. Sharon on September 1st, 2010 12:52 pm

    I live in NEwport, AR and also have to be in a wheelchair. Our store does not offer the power chairs for customers, therefore, it makes it difficult for me to shop there. It is a lovely store and seems to offer some really good deals.

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